Sunday, October 26, 2014

Ponies in Pink 2014: Please vote for your favorite entry!

Thank you to everyone who entered for showing your support of Breast Cancer Awareness month! This is for all who have battled or are fighting Breast Cancer and their families!

A HUGE thank you to SSG gloves for your contribution to Breast Cancer research and for your support of this contest!

Please scroll to the poll at the bottom of the page to vote for your favorite! The top three with the most votes will win a pair of SSG HOPE Gloves.

1) Alanna and Benny     blog: Pony Express

2) Yolanda and Orsini

3) Lindsey and Prisoner     blog: My Mojito  

4) Carly and Bobby     blog: Poor Woman Showing

5) Madison and Woody

6) Lauren and Simon    blog: She Moved to Texas

7) Sarah and Bohemian  blog: Eventing in Color

Ponies in Pink 2014

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  1. So much creativity out there! How are we supposed to pick?!

  2. These are great!! What a creative contest! I'll give a shout out on my blog to get more votes. :D

    1. It's supposed to be open until the 29th, but I'm not 100% sure that it saved that information. I hope so...

  3. So many awesome pinkified ponies & riders. You guys are all awesome!
    So oooooooh hard to choose :-/

  4. This is so fun! So hard to choose!

  5. omg - these are all awesome! really wish i could vote for everyone!

  6. So hard to pick! I'm sad I didn't get my pony dressed up in time.


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