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Showing Gunner 2013
My occupation is assistant trainer, groom, stall cleaner, secretary, accountant, occasional gallop and pony girl, and about a million other things at a racing barn. In short, I'm engaged to the "real" boss. My fiancé and I travel to different tracks training racehorses together.

I also ride dressage. My horses are Windtalker (RPSI), Winndelynn (RPSI), and Beefheart (OTTB). I've started to ride and show our pony-horse at the track, Gunner (OTTB), dressage also.

Moving about a dozen race horses, three dressage horses, a pony-horse, and two cats (Zorro and Remey) three times a year can get a little crazy, but I love my life!

I literally grew up on horseback. I've ridden, rodeo'd, or shown my entire life. Dressage and racing are my only real focuses now, yet I'm extremely grateful for what I have learned from the other disciplines throughout my lifetime.

Me riding my pony on my dad's ranch 1988

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  1. Racing! How exciting! I love OTTBs and think horse racing is fun to watch, especially the Triple Crown. What are the names of some the racehorses you work with? I would love to interview you on my blog, if your are up to that. Please email at paola.pedranti@gmail.com if you are interested.


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