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Thursday, March 13, 2014


On Tuesday, Aggie won her eleventh race and pushed her earnings up to over $103,000. When Ty and I got her back in the Fall, this was one of our goals with her and reaching it was extremely gratifying. Especially with Aggie.

Tammi has done an excellent job off riding her.

I guess I need to go back a ways to explain why getting her as far as she has come has been so difficult. Before I start I do want to say that Aggie isn't mean. She's actually very affectionate and loves attention. Okay, maybe DEMANDS attention would be more accurate. She isn't a monster. She is hot, smart, and hard-headed though. She can tell if you're scared of her from a mile away and finds intimidating those who are quite entertaining. There are certain things that just set her off, who knows why. She is insanely tolerant of situations that freak most horses out. The things you think she'll kill you over, Aggie handles with great composure. It definitely took a long time, a ton of patience, and a lot of trial and error to figure her out. All of the headache and heartbreaks have been worth it in the end. I really do love this mare, as impossible is it may seem once you learn more about her.

The time I tracked Aggie. She was very good, but I'm not going to say the possibility of her freaking out at any minute wasn't in the back of my mind. Hey, if she can scare the hell out of some jockeys, then I don't think I have to be too ashamed of being slightly hesitant to get on her.

Sunday, March 9, 2014


I had been wanting to do a sketch of one of the racehorses, Aggie, for awhile now. Her owner's birthday was today so I decided that now was as good of a time as any. Her owner said no presents for his birthday, so I called it a "gift for him and his wife" when I gave it to him/them.

So here it is:

I wasn't sure if it was good enough for a gift, but my fiancé approved and he's extremely picky about things like this. Good enough I guess. I put it in a frame with a piece of her tail that I braided and tied with string that matched the color of their silks. I made the piece of the tail the shape of a cancer awareness ribbon since Aggie's namesake had passed away from cancer. (Wish I'd taken a picture of it in the frame.)

Both our owner and his wife genuinely seemed to love it! They're great people and are so wonderful to work for, it made my day to see how happy the sketch made them!

Aggie. I think you can tell it's her in the sketch.  Maybe.