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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Terrific Score Tuesday #4: Piper Full Seat Breeches (product review)

The price alone catches a person's attention. It also makes you wonder about the quality, fit, and comfort of them.

Let me tell you, these breeches are worth way more than what you pay for them. They are stretchy and comfortable. On top of that, they look like a higher end breech. They have cute details and I love the contrasting colors.


1. The fabric is the perfect weight. It is thin enough to and not restrictive at all, but has enough substance that no lumps and bumps are going to show through. No jiggly legs during sitting trot in these! It also gives the impression that it is going to last.

2. The full seat isn't binding at all. It gives you just enough grip in the saddle, but you never get a stuck/glued in the saddle feeling in the Pipers. Also, the seat doesn't get hot and is breathable. No one wants a sweaty ass while they're riding.

3. The elastic in the calves is wonderful. I hate Velcro on breeches, it adds bulk (however slight) and just isn't comfortable. It also has a tendency to come undone in the wash and sticking to things you really would rather it not, like the fabric on your breeches. That won't be a problem with the Pipers.

4. The fit is slimming. 

5. The details are really nice. I like the piping/lining on the front and rear pockets. Some of the colors come with contrast colored seats and the ones that don't have contrast stitching.

6. The length is good. I'm 5'11" with some annoyingly long legs and the length is perfect.

7. They are a good rise; not too high, not too low.

8. You can buy three or four pairs of these for the price you would pay for a higher end breech of a quality and fit that is comparable to a lot of the expensive full seats out there. With so many cute color combos available, you're going to want more than one pair. It's nice to be able to afford more.

1. If you read the reviews, the main complaint will be that these run a little big. Mine are a little looser than I wanted, but not enough to bother me much. I'm normally a pretty solid 28L in breeches, but I will go with the 26L next time. Oh, and they don't shrink. Obviously, this is a good thing. You just don't want to buy a pair with that possibility in mind.

2. If you're really curvy, the Pipers are probably going to gap in the waste band. I'm built fairly straight and don't have a whole lot for hips or butt, but have decent sized thighs and calves for my build. Because of this, I went with my normal size, not wanting them to be too tight in the legs, even though almost everyone recommended to go a size down. They fit well in the thighs and calves, but are a tiny bit loose in the hips and gap a bit in the waist. However, they have enough stretch that I wouldn't worry about the the size down being too tight in the legs. I wish they would add an elastic v-shaped insert on the waistband, I think it would really help this problem.

3. Smartpak wasn't shy about putting their logo on. Then again, most companies aren't these days. The logo on the front pocket is okay, but they also put it on a back pocket. One or the other would probably be enough. They have a Piper by (logo) Smartpack tab on the back that I could probably live without. It would be easy to remove if it really bothers you though. Smartpak getting rid of one of these logos wouldn't hurt. It's a bit overkill. That's just my opinion though.

I give these 4.5 stars out of five compared to the high end breeches out there. If they made some adjustments to the waistband, I would give them a five. For the price, they get a 5 star rating.

Usually, I try to find products on sale for Terrific Score Tuesday. The Pipers don't need to be on sale to make the list. They are a great deal at their normal price. I have heard rumors that they do occasionally go in sale though, and am definitely looking forward to that time.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Terrific Score Tuesday #3: Joules

I have a serious Joules fetish, so when I see a tack store with a bunch of it on sell, it's like heaven to me. Thank you Tack Room Inc.!

The sizes may be limited, but they have enough product that most people should be able to find a good deal in their size.

*All items say they only have one left, but when you click on different sizes, it says they are available.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Terrific Score Tuesday #3

IRH Elite Riding Helmet
Original price: $220.95
Sale price: $149.99
Whether you are looking for a new schooling or show helmet, or even just a back up, this is a great buy!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Terrific Score Tuesday #2

I really like VTO Saddlery as they tend to be cheaper on most products than other sites out there. Not to mention they have really good sales.


FITS Laura Full Seat
Original price : $188.00
Sale price: $101.97

FITS aren't necessarily my favorite breeches, I don't love the look of them. However, they are very comfortable and, though I would never pay full price for a pair, I would buy them at this price.