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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

That's it!!! I'm moving! Again.

I'm getting really tired of this crap!

It is pretty though.

The storm coming

Why the hell is there a rainbow right now?

Ah shit!!!!

This is just messed up. The world might not flood again, but no one promised a tornado won't carry your ass away.

Then there was the hail.

I can't believe the trucks didn't get dented.

This sucks.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Attempt at a realistic show schedule

I was thinking about the fact that we will be heading to Denver soon and started checking out the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society calendar.  Uh oh.

Me showing my mom's horse, Regairo, in 2012. She couldn't show because she had surgery and so baited me to come home with showing him :) Unfortunately, she wouldn't let me steal Reggie.

The fact is, I really need to get some consistent showing in this summer.  This once or twice a year isn't going to cut it. My horses need seasoning.  I need seasoning.  I need targets to shoot for instead of this wandering aimlessly "I think I want to go to that show.  Oh crap, the entries are due tomorrow." stuff that I always seem to do.

If I have dates to focus on, I ride more consistently.  Working seven days a week at the track is exhausting and it makes getting motivated to ride my dressage horses a lot more difficult.   Sometimes, we have so much work to do that I get overwhelmed and to that point where I just want to shut down and rest.  Obviously, this isn't helpful to getting my dressage time in.   I'm a lot more likely to get the motivation, no matter how completely exhausted I am, if I there is something for me to look forward to.

It's not that I need to show just to show. I like showing and think it helps my riding and confidence. It makes me focus. Most of all, it's fun.