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Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Beefs challenge

I have Beefs and Indy at the track right now. I wanted to board them where I boarded last year, but between having to buy our new (to us) fifth wheel and the cost of moving thirteen horses, paying $1,400.00/month in boarding isn't happening right now. Not if I want to take lessons and try to show. I'm okay with that. There are plenty of places to ride on the backside. I have friends to ride with. There's a hill to do hill work.

I do love our new "house" though. (Yes, we live like Gypsies.) 
Beefs is always a little tougher when he's at a track, but it's usually manageable. He had been pretty good, slightly distracted and tense, but overall not bad. That is until my dumb ass decided to ride him after the races one day.

I wasn't in the best mood and was thinking that maybe riding wasn't the best idea. Then I figured it would cheer me up, get my mind off of everything else. Well, it got my mind off of everything else when I became more worried about dying than having shitty racing luck. The cheering me up part, not so much.

When I got on Beefs, he mostly just wanted to go. He speed walked to M's barn and we had to walk circles while she finished getting her horse ready because he wouldn't stand still. Normally, I would make him stand there and act like a gentleman, but it would have turned into a fight if I had. One of those pick your battles type of things.

Beefimeus ADD and tension. Yeah, it isn't pretty when he's like that.

M got on and we headed to where we usually ride. Beefs was really wanting to go now. He wasn't getting stupid, just being super energetic at this point. After walking around, M and I decided that the footing wasn't good enough to ride in due to all of the rain. We headed to find a better spot. Beefs began getting more tense. M and I found a spot that looked good enough to at least trot around. Wherein my sweet little horse turned into a total jack ass.

Beefs decided that loping sideways alternating between putting his head straight in the air and then trying to get it down between his legs seemed like a lot better idea than trotting. The footing sucked, we had no control, and I finally just gave up. I was getting pissed and we weren't in a controlled enough environment for me to get after him (wide open area with pavement around). The last thing I wanted to do was a) get run off with or b) him get me off and run off without a rider through the mud and over the pavement. A hospital or vet bill was just what I needed to top my day off. So I did what I hate most, I got off. Oh, the shame.

When I got off, he was still being psycho so I popped him on the neck. Not hard, just enough to get his attention. It worked. He was really focused on me as he ran backwards thirty feet dragging me. Slightly overdramatic, don't you think? I don't know how I didn't turn him loose or fall on my face, other than the vision of him sliding on his side on the pavement kept popping into my head . I've seen it and the damage it causes too many times to let him get loose.

After that he chilled enough for me to watch M finish her ride and then we started to head back to the barn; M riding, me taking the walk of shame. The thought of leading him back to the barn really pissed me off, so I got back on and rode him the rest of the way. We made it back without dying. I considered that as at least one accomplishment on the day.

I got back to the barn, face bright red, grumpy as hell. Ty looked at me, and knowing the look on my face, asked how my ride was. At this point the entire day had just built up and I started crying. A full sentence didn't work, so I rambled out words like idiot, psycho, crack head, combined with a bunch of adjectives that would probably make my mom want to beat me for saying.

I jumped off and kept rambling. Ty didn't really say anything, went and grabbed a buggy whip and got on Beefs. No, he didn't beat the hell out of him. Yes, he did get his attention. Beefs never did relax, but Ty at least got him somewhat focused and steerable. I'm obviously grateful for Ty getting on him and being able to get Beefs listening again. However, it didn't do much to help my pride. Double shame.

Ty came back and said that I can't ride Beefs after the races. Not meaning I'm not allowed, just that it's a really stupid idea. Yeah...that's probably a good point.

 My next ride on Beefs was really good and I was back to loving the little dude. Being at the track and doing dressage is tough for him. He HATES being in a stall all day. It's hard for him to relax and focus. He can do it, but it takes a lot more patience and thinking on my part. I have to ride better to get good work from him. I have to be tactful, smart, and more disciplined to get him working correctly. In the long run, it's good for both of us. Beefs is awesome when he isn't at the track and he's great at shows, new places, etc. However, if I can get him to do things right at the track, I can get him to do about anything, anywhere well. So, life goes on and we'll just keep working.