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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Amira Equi

I love this store (even if I've only seen it online)! Not only do they have products that are hard to find in the States, but a lot of the products are much cheaper than you can get them here. Even with shipping being expensive. For example:

I've been wanting the Pikeur Tosca since the sales lady at a tack store in Phoenix convinced me that shorter coats were all the rage and that I should at least give it a chance by trying it on. I was
perfectly happy with my Diana up until that point. Long story short, I loved it and I no longer care for her much ;) However, we were just planning the trip to the Derby and I figured the SO might have an aneurism if I spent $420.00 dollars on a show coat without at least discussing it with him first. To be honest, I haven't exactly been doing a lot of showing lately and could understand his lack of enthusiasm in finding the coat to be a justifiable expense. I guess. Needless to say, I left without it (nice try evil/wonderful sales lady).

In my typical fashion, I went online to see if I could find it any cheaper even though I knew the chances were slim. Then I found it on amirashop.co.uk for $244.44. The shipping on it would be $44.20.

                                     Pikeur Tosca

Total price $288.64. A savings of $131.36! I'm sure it would take quite awhile to get here, but I'm in no hurry. I don't expect to do any recognized shows until this Fall/Winter at the earliest anyway. 

So does anyone else have much experience with ordering products from outside of the US? I'm just wondering if you've found it worth the trouble or not?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I love Pikeur, but....

So I've seen these online here and there and am honestly curious about everyone's thoughts on them.

Pikeur Full Seat Badira Floral Print 

Fashionista or Equestrian Pole Dancer? (But of course shimmering gold boots would be the only logical accompaniment)