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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gone and lost my mind

Hell-horse has had a couple of fairly nasty episodes in the last few days. He will be doing well and then out of no where he decides he's not doing at all. In all honesty, he's dangerous in a lot of ways.

Two days ago, I told Ty that I'm about done with this horse (as a rachorse anyway). It's not worth Ty getting hurt over.

 Today, after Hell-horse threw another (though slightly milder) fit, I asked Ty if I should get on him and ride him around. Yep, I seriously lost my damn mind! I'm pretty sure Ty was thinking the same. He reluctantly agreed though and I quickly grabbed my helmet and vest before I could change my mind. I was really wishing I had my One K or GPA, but all I had at the barn was my chincy-ass exercise helmet, which I think is pretty much worthless. Great. At which point this morning did I decide to become suicidal? I hopped on anyway. For some crazy reason I felt like I needed to get on Hell-horse.

I asked our groom to take a picture as I had sworn I would never get on this horse.

Ty legged me up and I told him to lead me off a ways. Hell-horse was already pissed off from being ridden and felt like a bomb ready to explode. I reached up and just started petting and talking to him. He took a breathe and his muscles start to relax. I did the same. Woohoo! I might not die today....

My point of getting on wasn't to teach him anything, that's the fiancé's job. I really felt like he needed someone to get on him and not ask him for much, to realize that life isn't always hard. It's not that Ty just beats him all of the time, but when a horse is willing to fly backwards until he hits something and falls over, a person doesn't have much choice other than to get after them. The simplest thing, like asking him to change directions, can sometimes bring on one of Hell-horse's peddling in reverse fits. Even if you are just walking.

I just walked him in a big circle and left his face alone as much as I could. When he felt relaxed, we reversed and went the other direction. Then I did a few smaller figure eights with him. I rode him kind of like a horse that is barely started under saddle, just guiding him enough to get him to follow his head while moving forward. I babied him, talking to him and petting him for every little thing he did right (pretty sure the track people around us thought I was a wierdo). Hell-horse was really good! I stopped him, let him stand for a minute and then got off.
He was trying to pull down on me here. That was the worst thing he did. Well, that and tries to eat grass. I figured if he was relaxed enough to try and eat with me on him, it was a good thing.

It was probably a stupid risk to get on him, but I'm still glad I did. Hopefully it was good for him to just go for a walk and have even the tiniest of accomplishments rewarded. Do I think it will change him overnight? Absolutely not. At least he had that positive experience though and maybe enough of them will add up to make him better in the end. I wish I were fearless, that I were brave enough to ride him on the track. I never will be and I honestly doubt Ty would let me even if I were. Maybe one day I can do some dressage with him. Maybe. He does have some really good days, it's possible.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Long overdue

I've been completely slacking when it comes to blogging, so I figured an attempt to catch up should be made. My fiancé and I are in Phoenix and have pretty much settled in. As settled as two people can get when you move three times a year anyway. The weather is gorgeous, the horses are happy, and we might actually get to go on a short vacation soon. *fingers crossed*

My grandpa came to visit for a week. Even though his notice of his arrival was short (eight hours) and he about gave me a heart attack, I was glad to have him here.

Grandpa used to ride, as in a jockey, and when he got too big, began training. He hasn't trained since the 60's I believe, but now is a part of a syndicate that owns a couple of horses we train. He loves being around the backside. It makes me so happy to be able to give my grandfather that opportunity again!

As far as the business side, things are going well! The barn is full. We have some new horses and some that we have trained before that were sent back to us.

I haven't gotten much riding in on my dressage horses since Grandpa was here and then I came down with some nasty virus, but that is my priority this week. They're all pretty content and happy. Though Indy gives me this bored look that makes me feel guilty about not getting her out for a ride. I don't think Beefheart is too heart-broken about getting the summer off. He definitely needs to get back to work. Gunner is at the track to go back to his job as a pony-horse. There is a schooling show next month that I might take him to. I'd like to take Beefheart and Indy. Unfortunately, they probably won't be ready by then. There's a schooling show every month, so I'm not too worried about rushing into the upcoming one.

So that's about it for now.  Life keeps rushing by, but things are good!

Grandpa and Ty bathing Dragon

So cute! I wish Dragon hadn't run such a bad race, but he occasionally throws in a clunker and Grandpa has been around horse racing long enough to understand that happens.

Watching the horses train

Me and Trophy. I actually have the time to gallop! Now if I can just find the inclination...

Pentagram aka Berni. I might be a little too in love with him.

Ty and Question. Question is finally starting to look and feel good again. He was pretty dull when we got him back.

Woody is back!!!! This is the kindest and sweetest horse. Walking into the barn and seeing him makes my day!

Carey-all class!

Aggie deciding to break into a gallop right when I took the picture.

Grandpa tried to roll polos for me. If you don't know me, I am completely OCD about polos being rolled perfectly. I grabbed them as quick as I could and re-rolled them where he couldn't see me doing it :)