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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

An interview and poll results

Paola from Paola's Horse Blog interviewed me about what it's like to work with race horses and OTTBs. She has an awesome blog that she obviously puts a lot of work and research into. If you aren't already following her, check it out!

Here are the results from the poll I did on Steve Coburn. In short, he doesn't have a whole lot of supporters. On a good note, he did apologize.

No matter what, he has an amazing horse!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Rantin' and a ravin'

We've all heard about Coburn's cries of injustice after California Chrome's loss. Maybe he was/is just THAT disappointed. Maybe it has been a whiskey binged last few days. Maybe he's just a jerk. I'm really interested to hear what you guys think, so Poll Time!

What do you guys think of Coburn's comments after California Chrome's loss in the Belmont?
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Please feel free to post any other thoughts or opinions you may have.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Update and Derby/Oaks pics

Once again, I've slacked off on my blog. In short we made it to Denver, are settled in, and I have riding buddies here! Yay! More on that later.

Sorry this is late, but here is the Oaks and Derby pictures I promised. But first, a short prayer:

 Please God! Let California Chrome win the Triple Crown!


*sorry, I'm a nerd

So now that's over with....

Because I have a weird infatuation with starting gates.


Will Take Charge-He looked great! He also totally got screwed in that race.

Mylute- Always liked this horse. He ran 4th.

Golden Ticket- He looked phenomenal and Rosario is one of my favorite riders. They finished second.

*I was so focused on getting pictures of Will Take Charge that I didn't get pictures of #1 Moonshine Million, the winner.


Untapable and Rosie winning. Not much to say about this other than "See ya!!!!"


Wise Dan- He's not necessarily the prettiest horse....

and he didn't look the best when it comes to health...

Yet, he's amazing and still won this race for the second time.

The video I got of him

Wise Dan has won 15 out of his last 17 starts and ran 2nd in the two races he didn't win. Check out his lifetime stats  to see how truly extraordinary this horse is. He recently had colic surgery.

Boisterous is absolutely gorgeous and has a ton of presence. He ran 3rd.

Skyring- Another very good looking horse. Unfortunately, he ran dead last.

Kaigun ran 4th.


Steve Asmussen leading Tapiture to the paddock.

Wildcat Red


Vicar's In Trouble

Dance With Fate

Medal Count


Uncle Sigh

The first turn

California Chrome is 3rd here

The Derby!

California Chrome and Commanding Curve galloping out.

So much excitement!


It's all about the Chrome!!!

I loved everything about the Oaks and Derby! If you have any interest in horse racing, then it is definitely a must see! Our tickets for the Oaks were cheaper ones ($90 each) and even those seats weren't bad. I loved where our box was on Derby day! I realize most people think the higher up, the better. I want to see the horses as close up as possible (trust me, you don't want to get anywhere near the paddock for the Derby). Our box was literally right on the rail, the horses just a few feet away. To me, this was perfect! Anyway, it's one of those events where you will probably have a wonderful time no matter where you sit.


Pretending to pose...

 Oaks outfit
Derby outfit (I promise the slip part wasn't THAT short, think it had slid up some)
Security made me laugh

The hats. I got a little flower happy....

Lovin us some mint juleps:

Midnight Lucky before the Humana Distaff


Judy the Beauty before the Humana Distaff

Broadway Empire, a horse coming out of Turf Paradise, ran 4th in THE CHURCHILL DOWNS Grade II. He didn't get a very good ride.

Southern Honey in the paddock before winning the 7th race on Oaks day.

Finally, the biggest TV in the world:

Big ass television!!!